What Are The Best Israel Tours


Israel is one of the best gems of Asian continent and a cradle to the three major religions of the world. There is a staggering wealth of religious monuments, sacred sites and modern cities along with attractive bodies of water. If you are planning to visit Israel in your Israel vacation soon, this article provides glimpses of the best Israel tours you can make on your visit. Let us have a look on the recommended places to visit in Israel for your Israel vacation.

Best Israel tours – Dead Sea

Dead Sea is on the top of the list of best Israel tours. It has been one of the best kept secrets of nature and now the buoyant waters attract thousands of travelers every year in search of therapeutic properties and sound beauty of the place. No trip to Israel can be considered complete without the rejuvenation of body and soul here. The best activities which can be done here is the bobbing in warm turquoise waters, slapping on the mineral rich mud here and enjoying the waters here.


The forefront of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, Jerusalem stands as one of the oldest cities in the world which is brimming with sacred sites, historic monuments and well preserved architecture. The sites worth visiting are- beautiful old city, 7th century Dome of the Rock, Wailing Wall, Church of Holy Sepulchre and amazing views from Mount of Olives. This city attracts thousands of visitors every year and comes in the top of the list of best Israel tours.

Tel Aviv – A Perfect Israel Vacation Destination

There is no doubt in saying that Tel Aviv is the trendiest destination in the Middle-East where you will find modern art galleries, boutiques, find dining, wooden theatres and cool cafes which you can’t resist to visit in every tour to Israel. This ever changing metropolis is also the cultural capital and is the most often destination for those who take Israel vacation these days. But despite of the modernism in the city, you can still find the remnants of the old past just south of the city in Old Jaffa.


Nazareth trip is one of the best Israel tours you can make. This place is best known as the home of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. The architectural beauty of the old city is charming with narrow cobbled lanes while the modern city of Nazareth is a vibrant Arab city with a feel of a small town. The popular places to visit are the Basilica of the Annunciation, Greek Catholic Synagogue Church and St Gabriel Church.

Sea of Galilee

Your Israel vacation is incomplete if you have not visited the famous Sea of Galilee which is best known for the Gospel associations with Jesus Christ. The sea is a natural pilgrimage for the Christians but still there is much more to it. It is the largest freshwater lake in Israel with beaches, water sports and hiking trails.