The Best Way to Spend Your Time in Genting Highlands


Genting Highlands is known as the “Entertainment City” since it’s the only city that has a Casino in Malaysia. It attracts thousands of tourists every week from all over Malaysia and Singapore. Genting Highlands makes for a fantastic destination if you enjoy traveling. Make sure you travel by bus to Genting Highlands to take in the breathtaking views and enjoy the cool weather and serene mountains.

Genting Highlands in Malaysia
Genting Highlands in Malaysia

What’s the Temperature?

Genting Highlands has a cool climate between 20 °C to 26 °C during the day and 15 °C to 20 °C during the night. Misty weather is widespread, and thunderstorms are common towards the year end. You can plan your visit to Genting Highlands just about any time. The sturdy roads are made to resist most landslides. If you prefer a dry weather, the best time to go to Genting Highlands is between March and September when rainfall is at the minimal. If you’re susceptible to cold, make sure you pack enough woolens. The mist around the peak of Gunung UL Kali can obscure panoramic views of Kuala Lumpur city, so the best time to view is the early morning or late evenings.

How to reach the Genting Highlands?

The Genting Highlands are located north of Kuala Lumpur along the route to the city of Kuantan. It is a must visit destination in the country. As the saying goes, “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”; likewise, this abode is situated on a mountaintop, but the road is well built and safe to travel by bus to Genting Highlands.

Genting City in Malaysia
Genting City in Malaysia

You can enjoy the amazing weather and beautiful scenery up in the hills when you travel from Singapore to Genting Highlands by bus. They offer the best weekend getaway for families, couples, and for those interested in the exciting world of casinos, theme parks, thrill rides, and other exclusive entertainments. All these can be found only in Genting!

Planning is important

You get frequent buses from Singapore to Genting Highlands. Book a date and a seat on the Genting Highland buses available only on weekends. If you’re visiting Genting during a weekend or the holiday season, book your tickets pronto! It’s a good decision to prebook your tickets to get the best rates.

Restaurants and Dining

Genting Resorts offers a culinary adventure through a network of restaurants and cafes scattered around various hotels. You can get a wide range of local and international cuisines, but prices are considerably higher than eating in Kuala Lumpur. The popular buffets are available at Coffee Terrace and Resort Café at affordable prices.